Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Amazing Safari Cake

My friend Kelsey showed me this cake that a friend of hers had made and posted about on her blog. (You can view the original artist's cake here.) With my youngest daughter's 2nd birthday coming up, and since I knew I'd have Kelsey's help, it was decided that this would be the perfect cake for my daughter. We spent two nights working on it--a total of about 20 hours between the two of us. Without Kelsey's experience in working with rolled fondant, this could never have happened for my daughter, because I honestly didn't even know what rolled fondant was before this creation. The bottom/zebra, and top/giraffe layers, are both decorated with fondant, and the middle layer is buttercreme. We also cheated and just covered cake pans for the bottom and top layers (we still ended up with a ton of cake left after the party).

Kelsey is an amazing cook, and while doing this cake she suggested using creme cheese frosting, and adding frozen berries for the filling between the cake layers. Wonderful suggestion!! One of my favorite parts to this cake were the palm trees. They added such a cute touch. We formed the leaves on a bunch of my daughter's plastic balls out of Royal Icing.
I also loved the vine and elephant on top.

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